Tired of having to remember multiple passwords? Want to connect to your account without entering for the umpteenth time your ID and your password?



SHOTNGET, it's freedom


Forget all your passwords... SHOTNGET stores them in your mobile and sends them to your browser when requested... No matter you browse the Internet on your mobile or on your desktop, SHOTNGET avoids you searching in your memory ID and passwords of your favorite Web sites.

  • If you browse on your mobile, just TAP: in SHOTNGET App, consult the list of the Web sites, select one and thanks to the embedded browser you connect directly to your account. SHOTNGET has automatically filled-in the input fields.
  • If you browse on a desktop (browser with the SHOTNGET plug-in), just SCAN: on the login page, trigger the automatic connection (key combination 'Ctrl'+'Alt'+'S' or Shotnget entry of input field pop-up menu). A QR code is displayed in a pop-up windows. Scan this code with your SHOTNGET mobile App, select the account in the list, then valid... Data is sent to the browser and the input fields are automatically filled-in.

For account creation on a Web site, SHOTNGET assists you to simply create a file in your mobile with randomly generation of your password...


SHOTNGET, it's faster


One scan, your account is created; one scan, you're connected; one scan, your purchase is paid. Say goodbye to tedious and repetitive enterings!

  • Just a TAP/SCAN and your Web account is created
  • Just a TAP/SCAN and you are connected to your Web account
  • Just a TAP/SCAN and your purchase is paid

No more repetitive and tedious input !


SHOTNGET, it's more secure


  • Passwords are automatically generated by SHOTNGET: they are complex and difficult to crack ; you no longer use the same password for all your Web accounts
  • Your personal data is encrypted on your mobile (AES encryption)
  • This data is encrypted when sending to the browser of the desktop (RSA encryption)
  • You are warned of all new communication requests received by your SHOTNGET App
  • Your personal data can be backed-up (local back-up with optional sending to your personal e-mail address). This back-up can be restored on a different mobile (with cross-platform compatibility : iOS or Android)