The plugin is a free extension module for personal computer Web browser. After installation you could interact with your Internet browser through your SHOTNGET app to send or to get your ID/passwords. Your smartphone becomes then a secure safe for personal data acquisition/storage/supply.


No more entering!

Once the plugin is installed, selecting the 'Connection' entry from the SHOTNGET pop-up menu displays a pop-up window with a SHOTNGET QR code. Then launch your SHOTNGET App and scan this QR code.

If you already have one or several personal files for this website (corresponding to the different accounts you own), SHOTNGET will display a list of the files. Select one, the valid... Identifier and password form entry fields will be automatically filled in. If you have no file for this website, you are proposed to create it.

Tip for a faster creation of a file in your mobile

To create a file faster, if you already have an account for the concerning Website, fill-in the Identifier and password entry fields, then click the 'Connection' entry of the 'SHOTNGET' pop-up menu of your browser. Scan the QR code displayed in the pop-up window. SHOTNGET will create a record containing the filled-in data for this website.

There is a SHOTNGET plugin version for the following browsers : Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.


 Download plugin version 2 for Chrome

 Download plugin version 2 for Firefox

 Download plugin version 2 for Safari

Download plugin version 2 for Internet Explorer

To fully appreciate the functionalities of the plugin, the free version of SHOTNGET app allows up to 50 scans of SHOTNGET QR codes. Once this credit is consumed, experience can continue : just buy the unlimited plugin version in the menu of the SHOTNGET App.