Increase turnover...that's simple as a scan


You are a merchant ? You want to experiment multi-channel sales ?

Take advantage of the full potential of SHOTNGET technolgy... Before, QR codes allowed providing content to mobiles.  Nowadays, they allow your customers to connect to their web account and to purchase simply with a scan. Your conversion rate will be increased tenfold!


Unlimited applications


SHOTNGET allows everyone to experiment instant payment by scanning QR codes present in advertising, whether on website, teleshopping or public notices. It's your turn to imaginate the most innovative application:

  • Ticket (concert, cinema, transport, etc.)
  • Indoor (Off checkout) and outdoor purchase 
  • Purchase from printed communication (magazines, public notices, etc.)
  • Etc.


Join the SHOTNGET program


Thanks to the specific module for the Websites, you can offer your (future) customers a new connection and/or purchase experience.

No impact on your user account management or on your mean of payment. SHOTNGET simply allows users to transmit in a fast and secure way all the infiormation he has to enter usually. Interact with customers mobile to collect data you need to complete the purchase (delivery address, clothing size, etc.).


Our team is available to assist you in the installation of SHOTNGET technology in your Web applications.


Totally convinced? Don't hesitate anymore and join the SHOTNGET program by contacting us !