The 'Help' section will give you support with videos for SHOTNGET utilization, more precisely through plugin utilization.



How to create a Facebook account in your SHOTNGET mobile app ? It is easy ! Have a look at this video...

Once the account is created on the smartphone, data is transmitted to the plugin which fill the form fields in. You just need to submit the form!


  • If you already have several accounts in your smartphone the wizard will suggest, for each field to fill-in, previously stored values.
  • After plugin installation, during the first use of SHOTNGET function on your computer, a warning message is displayed on your smartphone requiring authorization for dialog between SHOTNGET mobile app and your computer.
  • For account creation on the smartphone, associated to a new account on the website, it is possible to let SHOTNGET to generate randomly a complex password. You don't need to remember this password, SHOTNGET will do for you!



Once an account has been created on your smartphone, you can connect easily to the associated website. Activate the SHOTNGET function (right click or shortcut) on the connection form. Then scan the QR code. SHOTNGET app retrieves the accounts corresponding to the relevant website (in our case Facebook). You just need to select the account you want tu use...


From the embedded SHOTNGET browser, it becomes easy to connect to a website (in our case Facebook). Select the account from the list in the SHOTNGET app. SHOTNGET connects to this website and fill automatically the ID-password fields in. In the street, in public transport, you browse the Internet with complete freedom and in total confidence thanks to SHOTNGET.

These steps can be reproduced for all your favorite websites...

If you experience difficulties in using our application,feel free to submit feedback through "Contact" Page. You could then help us to improve SHOTNGET application and support. 

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