How to backup my data ?

On iPhone :

If you use iTunes, SHOTNGET mobile app and its application data are integrated in the iTunes backup... Nevertheless, if you want to create your own backup file, just proceed as described for Android.


On Android :

In the Application Menu, select Settings, then in the Backup menu , select Export

A password (used as an encryption key) is required to protect the backup file privacy.

The backup file (with 'shotnget' extension) is created on the SD card, in the directory 'shotnget'. The name of this file includes date and time of creation.

During the backup of the file, you can select the checkbox Send by email  to save this file on your computer for instance.


Warning :

  • Please remember the password because it will be required during an eventual restore of this backup;
  • Once the backup is restored, you need to enter the password in force when the backup was done : the backup records indeed the password and this password becomes the current password after restoration.

Advices :

  • In order to remember your encryption password, you can set this password with the value of your access password to the application (access password and encryption password will have the same value)
  • Use the same encryption password for all backups... or save in a secure place the list of your backups and paswords (encryption and access passwords)


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