How to use SHOTNGET on a PC/MAC ?


First of all, you need to install the plug-in corresponding to you web browser.

Click here to access the plug-in download link

To check plug-in installation, just right-click on this page and verify that the SHOTNGET item-menu is displayed in the contextual menu.

You can then, on any input form, transfer easily your data from your mobile to the browser of your desktop (PC or MAC).

Proceed as follows :

  1. Activate SHOTNGET (right-click > SHOTNGET > Connection , or Ctrl+Alt+S)
  2. Launch your SHOTNGET mobile App and scan the QR code which has been displayed on your desktop
  3. Select an entry from those which are displayed

Data contained in the selected entry are transmitted to the plug-in which automically fills-in the entry fields. You just need to valid !


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