A three-step installation/utilization


  1. Download free of charge the mobile app from App Store or Google Play
  2. Download from this page the plug-in for the browser of your PC/Mac : Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE
  3. Watch the tutorial video by clicking this link

Thanks to SHOTNGET, connection and form filling are as simple as child's play. Anywhere you are, you can connect from any terminal (your mobile or a desktop) to your account and pay your purchases on-line without worrying about your credentialsor your credit card information.  SHOTNGET communicates with the browser (browser embedded to the SHOTNGET App or browser of the desktop) in order to transmit personal data relative to the accessed website.


SHOTNGET is an innovative free mobile app. You can download it from App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

It is compatible with tablets (iPad tablet and Android tablet).


Distinctions and awards


SHOTNGET has obtained the Feder/Oséo label which recognizes the innovative character of company projects.

SHOTNGET has been 'Trophées SESAMES' finalist in the 'Trusted Internet / Authentication' category at the 2011 session of "CARTES and IDentification" exhibition (with the project name 'Certphone').

Logo OséoLogo Cartes et IDentification


SHOTNGET is co-funded by the European Union.

Europe is involved in Nord - Pas de Calais Region with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).