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SHOTNGET makes on-line connection and form-filling easier everywhere from every terminal : your mobile or your destop !

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Store in confidence your private data in your mobile and keep control on transmission to your Internet browser...

visuel cowgirl

Thanks to SHOTNGET, connection to your accounts and on-line shopping become a pleasure : no data to fill in, at worst only a QR code to scan !


SHOTNGET: an innovative mobile app


SHOTNGET allows storage of all your connection, payment and delivery data on your mobile into an electronic safe, in a secure way...The innovation ? No need to consult and to enter data from the keyboard : SHOTNGET transmits on your behalf your data to your browser with auto-fill in fields.

SHOTNGET App has received support of Oseo and ERDF (European Regional Development Fund)


NEW: with SHOTNGET you can log into your Windows account in one shot. This function is provided with the Internet Explorer plug-in.


Use SHOTNGET in all confidence


Activity of Trust Designer is based on trust.

IT security and cryptographic application specialist, Trust Designer has applied its expertise in the development of SHOTNGET application:

  • your data is stored fully encrypted in your mobile and you are the only one who can decrypt this data
  • Before sending to your desktop over the network (WiFi or 3G), your personal data is fully encrypted
  • You are warned in case of first connection request of a desktop with your mobile and you must confirm to trigger data transmission

So, be zen : SHOTNGET keeps your data safe!

Important information:

SHOTNGET is registred with the French Network and Security Agency (ANSSI).


Try for free SHOTNGET


Download for free the mobile App SHOTNGET and the plug-in for your personal Internet browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari). You can then try all SHOTNGET functions without restriction.

The unlimited version of the SHOTNGET mobile App costs less than the price of a magazine. No extra charge for the plug-in...


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